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DIY PVC Double-glazed Doors.

Our PVC-u double-glazed doors have improved weather resistance and high security locking. The frame is double weather-stripped and has a double overlap.

The hinges have a special easy adjustment built in and the locking system with lever handles provides a 6-point security deadlocking whilst maintaining simple latch operation for daytime use. All our UPVC doors are fitted with a 6-point lock (2 hookbolts) to ABI Standard and white handles - lever inside, lever outside as standard.

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1. *Maximum door height 2200mm - additional height can be made up with a fixed light above.

2. Draw the door style you require in the box on the order form OR on a separate sheet of paper.

3. All designs must be as viewed from outside.

4. You can give us the sizes in metric (mm) or imperial (inches).

5. All of our paperwork is in metric - we will convert the sizes for you- please double-check your order confirmations and inform us of any changes as soon as possible.

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